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    Boss .300 winmag

      @roger wrote:

      Last fall I was able to find and fish the Upper Granite Lake but couldn’t locate the trail to the Lower.
      (1) Are there online maps that are reliable to use to help this next time?
      (2) Anyone try to get up there yet and if so is the road clear of snow?

      Thank you

      Follow the stream/ water falls that floes into Lake #1 it will lead you to the lower in elevation granite lake.

      As for the higher one go to lake #1 and look up the hill from it facing south east in the clear cut which I’m sure is grown at least 20′ high reprod know then find a way trail up to the lake. Haven’t been there in years but love the area.

      As you hike up the logging road and look up to the north west there is a water fall the creek that feeds has trout in it as we’ll.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)