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      To Brian or anyone else in the know –

      I’m trying to find out if either Senator has shown interest in introducing legislation to stock fish in the NCNP? My queries to them have so far gone unanswered (which I suppose is an answer in itself).

      In addition to being an avid fisherman with a love for alpine lakes, I’m also the host of a weekly show that airs on several stations in Eastern Washington called “Northwestern Outdoors”. It’s a topic I’ve touched on before and would like to keep covering.

      Thanks for any info –

      John Kruse

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      Brian Curtis

      I’m really glad you’re covering this, John. I don’t know the latest on the status of this in the Senate. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will chime in.

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      Ken Masel


      I’m in a very similar situation. I never received an answer back when I posed the same question to Cantwell and Murray last year nor have I heard back when I repeated by inquiry earlier this year.

      If and when I hear something, I will let you know.


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      🙁 I called Senator Cantwell’s Office and inquired about this subject a week ago. One of her staffers promised me I would hear from one of her media liasons. I have not heard from her. Not a good sign…….

      John Kruse
      Northwestern Outdoors Radio

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      Dale Wick

      John, I am among those who have received no response from our Senators. Rep. Hastings has been very supportive as has the other Reps. Don’t know if there is an active campaign against us but if so the Senate is obviously the place to block the agreement we made with them in the 60s.

      Main reason for writing; wanted to thank you for the wonderful Outdoor Northwest radio show. We listen on Wenatchee’s KPQ. We learn a lot and keep up on what is going on the dry side of the “hump”.

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      Larry Anderson

      Maria Cantwell can also be emailed from her website. Fishermen should be bombarding these law makers right now. Unfortunatly, most people won’t find out about this issue until it’s too late. They will backpack into a lake and find no fish and wonder why. Please be sure to bring up that fishing is good for the local economy. We spend a lot of money each year having that Ross Lake Resort Ferry take us up to the Hozemeen trailhead.

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