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        No, I don’t keep trout in my aquaria–I figured you might ask.

        I was wondering if the tiny freshwater shrimp that high lake trout love to eat so much can be raised in home aquaria for the purpose of feeding aquarium fish. The reason why I’m asking is that aquarium keepers often feed their freshwater fish live brine shrimp (that look like a larger version of our favorite trout food) as “treats”. I recently moved to an area that doesn’t receive shipments of live brine shrimp and I’ve been pondering over things I can do to keep my little critters (S. Amer. dwarf cichlids and their dither) happy. While thinking about it I wondered why those little freshwater shrimp weren’t raised commercially like brine shrimp are, given that the saltwater brine shrimp as so often used to feed freshwater fish. In any case, I’m curious if any of you might know about the feasibility of acquiring and raising the tiny freshwater shrimp .

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          I personally have been raising scud for years to suppliment my african cichlids diet. They’re not hard tokeep alive and readily breed if taken care of properly. All you need is a starter culture.

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